TechBee App

Release date : 2017/12/27

Techbee mobile application is the main communication method between the customers and their smart home. The application is a graphical user interface in the Persian language. The user defines some devices in the application to be able to control them or have real-time monitoring on them. In addition to turning the devices on and off, the customer can set schedules for them. It is possible to categorize several devices into a scenario and set an action for each device. The customer can define whatever scenario he wants. If a home is equipped with an online monitoring system, several environmental parameters can be tracked. Parameters such as electrical power usage, the accumulated energy consumption, temperature, humidity, the leakage of CO2, Methane and smoke, and the status of the building’s entrance doors. You can add the devices of your home, your office, or whatever place in the mobile application and it makes you able to control all of them using one just account. Giving access to the family members, they can use the application via the same registered account. Low bandwidth communication, high-speed interaction, robust security, and stylish user-interface are of the most important features in the Techbee application.
Techbee application is available for both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. To download the application just click on one of the links below.

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